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Oh you can't help that... We're all Mad here!

26 July
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Have I no control, is my soul not mine?
Am I not just man, destiny defined?
Never to be ruled nor held to heel
Not heaven or hell just the land between
Am I not man, does my heart not bleed?
No lord, no God, no hate, no pity, no pain, just me
Comprehend and countermand
Synchronous guidance. I choose my way
Never to be ruled nor held to heel
No heaven or hell, just the land between

Who is That Girl, and Why is She So Unusual?

name:♥Shelby Roxanne
Age:♥ Barely a Teenager, Just underaged.
Birthdate:♥ July 26th, 19something-or-another.
Astrological Sign:♥Leo.
Eye Color:♥A light golden color.
Hair Color:♥Very White.
Religion:♥ Proud Pagan.
Current Location:♥SW Florida, USA. You may know it for its mounds of decaying rich elderly, lovely rotting retirement homes, Glorious Beaches, and cancerous sun...None of which are any use to Myself.
Obsessions:♥ Dancing naked under the moonlight, werewolfs, fantasy novels, slytherin boys, candy, bruises, vampire novels, corsets, storys, alice in wonderland, stripes, Cheshire cats, riddles, Really Big boots.


♥Musical Intrests::♥Type O Negative, Zeromancer, KMFDM, VnV Nation, Dimmu borgir, marilyn manson, deadstar assembly, The stranglers, godhead, assemblage 23, Static-X, apoptygma berzerk, pitbull daycare, Switchblade symphony, Dear Cult, Nine inch nails, christian death, 45 grave, rammstein, danzig, misfits, pantera, lacuna coil, black tape for a blue girl, bauhaus, astrovamps, rasputina, lycia, voltaire.



♥We're All Mad Here!♥

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